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  • Eirini Arvanitaki

Kongsberg launched today the new Kognifai Marketplace

The one-stop-shop for digitizing vessel operations

Kongsberg Digital is today launching the new front end to their Kognifai Maritime Digital Ecosystem: The Kognifai Marketplace will provide easy access to a large number of market-leading digital applications from Kongsberg, OEMs and 3rd Parties supporting ship owners and operators on their path to operational excellence.

On the Kognifai Marketplace Vessel Insight subscribers can now choose from a fast-growing number of maritime applications that accelerate performance and profitability, while ensuring compliance with global environmental and safety requirements. Vessel Insight subscribers can get here an easy overview of relevant applications, compare applications and request price and demo through the marketplace.

A new sales channel for our partners

Digitizing maritime operations requires quality data, integrations, and powerful applications turning data into value. Kongsberg Digital strives to offer it all together with our partners. The Kognifai Marketplace is going to lower the barrier for customers to get started on their digital journey – by making partner applications more visible and accessible. Regular marketing activities around the Marketplace will support our partners in getting more market exposure and scale for their solutions.

Go to Marketplace:


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