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Vessel Performancce

Vessel Performance Solutions ApS was founded in 2014 by Jakob Buus Petersen & Kristian Bendix Nielsen

Vessel Performance Solutions

Our main goal is to assure our customers a consistent advisory service with the aim of improving operational efficiency of their fleet

What we do

Our business is analysis of operational data for performance evaluation and energy saving purposes. We are carrying decades of experience from very big shipping companies, performance managers and operators. Through the big innovation project of INNO+, we developed the first phase of our platform which made us winsome in the market.



We support ship owners/operators with creating insight into their fleet performance, without having to install equipment or software, but only through analysis of existing operational data in the existing formats.



We also provide a data collection tool which can be utilized if the current data collection is insufficient for performance analysis. Our system is capable of analyzing both noon reports and automated high frequency data in connection with third party providers, AIS, WNI, SPOS, etc. We also share our baselines and models with weather routing companies to achieve precise weather routing service.

Collaboration projects

We are constantly developing our services together with our clients and recognized academic partners, to best fit current and future needs on performance management, by combining scientific excellence with business experience.

We are currently developing new features through a collaboration project called ShippingLab, a non-profit innovation and project collaboration for the partners in the Blue Denmark. Our partners in ShippingLab are large shipping companies (Torm, J.Lauritzen and Hapag-Lloyd) and danish universities (DTU Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern Denmark, SIMAC).

This collaboration is working under work package “Digital Vessel Operations” and the main development areas are:

  1. “Digital Twin”, how to improve vessel’s modeling to better predict vessel’s behavior at sea

  2. “Voyage optimization and monitoring”, real-time alarms in case of deviation from voyage plans

  3. “Advanced diagnostics”, to identify specific areas for improvement and advise on actions to be taken

  4. “Crew Feedback module”, to create transparency, engage and motivate the crew onboard

This is a 3,5 years’ project and is financing 16.000 hours of R&D and development work.

For more information on the project, visit ShippingLab’s website and social media linkedin.


Meet our team

Kristian Bendix Nielsen

Naval Architect

Ph. D.

Jakob Buus Petersen

Naval Architect

Ph. D.

Vessel Performance Our Team

Najmeh Montazeri

Naval Architect

Ph. D.

Troels Jørgensen

Master Mariner, Lead Auditor

Adeline Crystal John

Mechanical Engineer

MSc in Maritime Engineering

Jesper D. Rasmussen

Director of Sales and Marketing

Kim Henriksen

Naval Architect

Dimitrios Georgousis

MSc Wind Energy

Alexandr Avdeev

BSc Control in Technical Systems

Kostas Korfiatis

Naval Architect

Sergey Tuymetov

MSc Science and Electrical Engineering

Kirsten Bang Petersen


Eirini Arvanitaki

Naval Architect

Christos Georgiadis

Naval Architect and Developer

We pave the way to performance excellence of your fleet

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