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  • Kristian Bendix Nielsen

VPS User's Seminar 2019

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The 4th of September, VPS held our yearly user’s seminar in Lyngby. The seminar was well attended by many our client’s representatives.

Soren started the day with a status of activities and developments since last year’s seminar.

Kristian gave a more detailed overview of the latest developments of the VESPER software. Included were our new antifouling paint evaluation tool, the extended Added Resistance History dashboard and the new layout of the Speed/Consumption tables and graphs. Further he presented the autolog data implementation in VESPER and how this was handled to add value to the performance evaluation of a vessel.

Included in the presentations were also experiences from our clients.

Per Navndrup Pedersen from Maersk Tankers gave an overview of how VESPER was used as a performance evaluation tool in the Maersk Tankers Pool.

Egill Eide gave examples of VESPER performance evaluations in the MOL Nordic Tankers Fleet and the advantage of having an expert system for performance analyses.

Jakob introduced the VPS Road Map for future developments VESPER where the main objectives were connected to the Shipping Lab activities.

The participants then had the opportunity to discuss and share experiences in working with VESPER and to suggest developments both short and long term. The outcome of the fruitful discussions was presented for all participants.

Last but not least, VPS presented the ideas for an on board version of VESPER. The work has been part of the “Closing the feedback loop” project in the ECOPRODIGI cooperation. The VESPER ON BOARD will give the vessels crew feedback on their operational performance, suggest solutions for improvements and benchmark the vessels in defined peer groups. VPS got a lot of valuable feedback from the users and will take this into consideration in the first version of VESPER ON BOARD.

The day ended with a dinner in relaxed atmosphere and nice surroundings.

VPS wishes to thank all participants for joining this valuable day for us and we are looking forward continue the collaboration with all our users.

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