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  • Kristian Bendix Nielsen

Operational Performance beyond 2020

The Shipping Industry is moving into turbulent times ahead and must prepare for a future filled with major challenges and changes.

  • The market conditions for operating ships are undergoing rapid changes and future vessel design requires flexibility to be able to match this.

  • The fuel prices are expected to rise with the introduction of the 2020 sulphur cap and the future carbon reduction goals.

  • The data amount collected from vessels operations are increasing and data analyses can be delivered continuously.

  • The environmental landscape demands increased reporting and systems that can handle this.

What is the status of the market? How do we handle and implement the digital transformation? How do we handle performance management? How do we get reliable data from the vessels? How do we get meaningful answers to the performance inquiries we have? Which voyage optimization tools are available and what can they offer when it comes to voyage and weather routing?

How is this handled in the Shipping Companies? How do we prepare for the future with respect to optimizing operations, fuel selections and design?

Vessel Performance Solutions is arranging a performance workshop for the Shipping Industry and if you are in Athens, Greece by the 28th May, come and join us for an interesting day!

The workshop will be focused on the above mentioned and is a forum for experience sharing among the stakeholders in the Industry. Come and join the debate, ask your questions and share your experiences related to performance and operations. The room will be packed with experts and you will listen to contributions from Shipping Companies, Classification Societies and Suppliers.

A more detailed event program will soon be available on this website. Stay tuned!

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