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  • Jakob Buus Petersen

Final report from our InnoPlus Vessel Performance Decisions Support project

Hi All

We have just delivered our final status report from our INNOplus project; Vessel Performance Decision Support which we did during the years 2015-2018 together with our partners J. Lauritzen, Torm, Aalborg University and Force Technology. If you are interested in reading the report it can be reached here:

The report briefly explains about the performance management system we have developed together as well as the results obtained. We are a bit proud of the results that the participating shipping companies have achieved during the project by really focusing and spending the necessary resources it requires to get to the next level in performance management. Of course, the process in the shipping companies were supported by the output of our VESPER software, showing that your internal processes have to work together with an efficient system that is able to analyse and present relevant information to stakeholders. Happy reading (it is not too long, no worries) Best Regards Jakob

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